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Louise Hughes hugely relived to get rid of the runny poos - Once and FOR ALL! Thanks to Digestive Bespoke

We bought our boy as a 4 year old and from day one he would get a runny bottom! Even when in a normal routine, he would have firm normal poos but would still project brown water every time he passed gas! It would be down both back legs and matted in his tail.

If we travelled, it was a million times worse from the minute he loaded and for a good few days after, he would have watery stools and be in a real mess.

We'd tried a few products but none really worked until we found Hack Up and ordered a Digestive Bespoke. Within a couple of days, the brown watery discharged vanished but the real test came when he travelled....Totally normal poos from start to finish which was an absolute first and not so embarrassing in someone else's trailer 😬

A few months after starting Hack Up, we ran out and within a week of being off it, the projectile water was back so it was a no brainer for us.

Easy to feed and easily disguised, our boy had no issues with it mixed in his feed. Love it, so much so, we've ordered another Bespoke product to help recover from surgery and ulcers.

100% recommend! 👍
Louise Hughes

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