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Making Life Better for Harley

Hi Alex, thanks for dropping me a note my horse Harley is 7 and TB X not sure of the X bit. I've had him since he was 4 and have just backed him. He is a really itchy horse and always has been, he is pinked skinned. Over the last year his paces etc were not improving and I decided to contact the vet. It turns out he has had a fractured skull in the past probably from a foal, he has damage to c3 and c4, he throws his head around. Scans showed he has changes to bone in the hoof and pastern joints he is 1 10th lame in front and 2 10th on the right hind. He has been getting physio and has had egg bar shoes fitted and everything seems to be improving. Since feeding the detox his itching has lessened and I have now received a joint supplement today. I love this horse and want to do all I can for him, thanks 
Gwen Fenton


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