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Max from nervous wreck to liking cuddles in the field

Hi Alex this is Max. After loosing my youngster 3 years ago max came Into my life, when I bought him he was severely under weight with ringworm so bad he had no hair. He was terrified of everyone, even patting him he would try and throw himself on the floor. It would take me 4-5 hours to catch him and when I did he constantly flinched and tried to run off. Our first year was challenging, I was still missing my youngster and Max was a very difficult character. It was one step forward, 10 back. I took him to Newmarket as there was no improvement in his behaviour on his off side. We found he had a very slow optic nerve in his left eye with very poor sight. The vet thinks it was due to the deformed tooth he has on that side it was more than likely trauma at a young age (he has a lot of not nice scars). The first half of the second year was better making small steps. I started riding him and we were really making progress but he wouldn't go near anyone except me which made hacking very difficult, as he would run from people walking dogs. A friend recommended Hack Up to me and I started it about a year ago now. Max will never be a calm horse and I doubt he will ever trust anyone completely again. But his Calming Bespoke has put me and him on to a level of trust I never thought we would have. I can take him to shows and he feels okay. Even my dad can stand near him now (he hates all men) so this is a huge improvement. All day to day things that were hard before (rug changes, brushing) now I don't even think about. He even likes a cuddle in the field so no more 5 hours to catch him. I've given everything to Max and I'm not saying it was the calmer alone that's changed him but the difference is amazing and I'd recommend Hack Up Bespoke to anyone!! Alex Webb

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