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Maybelle 20 and Thriving on Hack Up


Hi Alex + Team,
First of all I would like to thank you all very much for the lovely customer service I receive when I call to order more of your fantastic Hackup bespoke products. I cannot recommend your products enough.
After around two weeks of my shire Mare, Maybelle, aged 20 + being on your Detox / Digest and Hoof / Joint Supplement the difference is absolutely amazing. Before using your products she was on a joint supplement, but the day after a hack she used to come out of her stable quite stiff and uncomfortable until she got going. Since she has been on your supplements she appears to be more comfortable and there is no evidence of joint pain at all, her droppings have firmed up, which is brilliant, and her coat, health and well being have improved significantly. She is so much better hacking out…bouncy and fun, rather than in the past being quite slow and stiff.
Please find attached a picture of my girl (Maybelle) who would also like to thank you very much for making her feel and look so much younger and fitter. The photo also includes my partners horse (Mr Moon) and my friends horse (Derek) who are also using Hackup bespoke products.

Thank you all so much

One very happy customer J

Diane Barnard


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