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Me and my Pudding - supported by great team!!


Bosweilia, MSM, Tumeric, Seaweed, Zeolite, Psyllium and Ginger are the ingredients that tick Pudding's boxes!!

I found Alex Gingell and his fabulous team 4 years ago. I've been astounded by the way that everyone listens to me, supports me, helps me and works in with what my vet and farrier report back to me with. It's a service that really is revolutionizing the supplement industry and I'm so pleased to be able to share my story which has had nothing but success running right through it - thankfully!

My horse is now 18 and she has had no end of issues, right now we're in the middle of box rest and Pudding’s prognosis was poor – I've shed tears and had sleepless nights but my vets visit yesterday compelled me to share my story because – once again bespoke is proving to be the best. Don't hesitate in working with this team because they'll work with you, all the way and if ever there is anything wrong they work effectively and immediately at putting it right.

I'm a very happy bunny with a very comfortable Pudding – thank you so much! Xx

Gail Simon

Alex and his formulating team use their experince and knowledge regarding how much of each component to put into the formulas. They refine the formula if the situation changes. They listen to feedback from customers and tailor their formulations to what's worked well in the past for horses / ponies in a similar situation. Briiliantly simple, and above all, common sense!!

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