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Everybody met Valli!! Val was introduced to me just under a year ago, through the winter months of 2013/14 her behaviour had become very challenging for her owners. The vets were involved and it was believed that her behaviour was due to irregular seasons and potentially "ovarian fibroids". She was placed on Regu-mate until the spring.. They were told this may be something that happened on a yearly basis. This was when I joined the team, me and Val hit it off instantly and I had a fantastic summer season with her. As the winter months began I noticed "tenseness" and the occasional buck started creeping into her work.  Thinking it was due to the cold, I increased her rugs and always worked her in an exercise sheet but with little improvement. I then had a light bulb moment and contacted Alex. Within 24 hours Val was on a bespoke supplemen, That week I was ill with flu and so Val (who was fit and could be rather "fresh") didn't get much work! That weekend we were at Dressage!!! To my amazement Val was relaxed and noticeably more "rideable". Even more amazing was her 69% score in a novice test! Val is still on her "Hack Up Bespoke" and has gone through all this winter with no vet intervention and without a drop of regu-mate!! This means one happy customer and even more importantly one very happy horse!! Michelle Lowe

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