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Missie focusses on her schooling at last!!

Hi Alex,
Missie's been on her Hack Up supplements for 11 days now.. Thought I'd tell you how we're doing.. 
Today I rode her in our menage. The place she can be at her worst... and I'd forgotten to give her the Step Free.
It was very windy, sand was blowing into dust devils, other horses were being brought in, another horse was being ridden and there was a lot going on on the yard. All of these normally a recipe for disaster. And she hasn't been ridden for 5 days..
She was really very good when she spotted the horse being ridden round the tracks. Normally she'd freeze rigid staring, then you wouldn't get her concentration back whilst she could see the horse. Then when she couldn't see it she'd be constantly looking for it! Today she acknowledged the horse by flicking her ears at it.. didn't alter her stride or pace. The same when her field neighbour was bought in. A HUGE improvement. 
She was much more relaxed. Her concentration was on what she was doing rather than what was going on around her. 
So far so good 
I'll let you know more in a week or so..
Thanks again
Ann Williams

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