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Mister T gets top % now he is joint supported by Hack Up Bespoke

Mister T (or Tidds as he's known at home) is my 13yo Anglo Arab x Shire 16.1hh gelding who was originally bred for carriage driving. Tidds never really took to it and eventually bolted with a carriage, so his owners decided it wasn't for him! So, at the age of 5 1/2 years old I started exercising him for them and realised that although he was a little spirited, he was a really kind and loveable horse. They didn't want to sell him as they had owned him since a foal so I agreed to compete him for them at dressage, my passion. After a very different start to life Tidds had eventually found his calling, he loves to show off!! Eventually when he was 10 they decided to sell him to me and that year we had the honour of being selected to represent the North West at the Home Internationals for the first time at Prelim and finished 3rd overall. In 2012 we were selected for the North West inter-regional at Novice and then the Home Internationals at Elementary. He then had 18 months off to undergo sarcoid treatment, not at the competition yard but on a hill at home.

Early 2014 I decided it was time to bring him back into work again, and although there was absolutely nothing wrong with his joints and I have had no un-level comments in any previous test I looked for a joint supplement to support him. It's common knowledge that horses are genetically designed to graze for 16 hours a day, not to do most of the things we ask them to do like collection and lateral work, so I bought a supplement off the shelf at my local shop. It's impossible to tell which one is the best and most effective as they all seem to be endorsed and used by World or Olympic Champions on reading the adverts. However, I did notice a number my friends were liking and talking about a company called Hack Up Bespoke, so I Googled it and read what the forums were saying about it. Every one seemed to giving really good reports, saying it was fantastic and their horses were going so much better on them, so I went to the site and Live Chatted Alex. I got straight through and everything he said made total sense!! It seems to have turned the supplement industry on it's head by cutting out shops and even wholesalers and mixing human grade ingredients weighted in the ideal ratios for the individual's requirements, and sending it to them without the unnecessary use of preservatives, fillers, colourings or flavourings.

I registered, and filled in Tidds's details immediately (took 5 mins) and my ideal Joint Bespoke was displayed on my own personal file on the website within an hour. Each ingredient in the formula was identified and described and the reasons for its inclusion in the formula explained. You have no idea how refreshing it was to see my first tub with the % of each ingredient clearly marked and adding up to 100% (unlike the one from the shop!!) Apparently each formula is recorded on sophisticated software creating a helpful history for each horse that I can access for my own reference, also the ingredient ratios can be easily altered to suit the changing situation, a terrific and modern approach.
With Hack Up guaranteeing to be cheaper than any supplement bought through shops (gram for gram of active ingredient), why would anyone not choose to trust a Hack Up Joint Bespoke to be the very best option for their horses?

The icing on the cake is the results with his work. Well he hasn't put a foot wrong and has started training better than ever, his second ever Novice test last weekend he scored a very respectable 71.25% with a list 3 judge (the best % he's had) - Nadine Murray from Telford.

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