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Mojo has got her Mojo Back

So I bought my 6 year old chestnut mare Mojo in June on admittedly a bit of whim. 
She was broken late in Ireland and came across just a few months prior to me purchasing her. 
It was very apparent from the moment she arrived she wasn't going to be easy. 
She's naturally a very uptight and anxious mare and she worries a lot when being ridden. When boxed she would pace around her box kicking at her door and sweat up quickly when horses are tied up or walked past her box.
Her weight was quite a big issue for me, also with her worrying all the time she's was quite lean and looked quite poor really. 
I begrudgingly enquired about calming products (I'm very sceptical) and decided to go with Hack Up and to my amazement I could genuinely see her calm down and become level headed after about a week of being on the supplements. 
She is happy and relaxed in her box and not bothered about horses out and about, she's now just nosy. 
Ridden work is a lot easier and much more relaxed. Even her weight has improved. We are actually gaining weight, slowly but surely we are getting there. I couldn't be more happier with the outcome of using Hack Up. Poppyxx


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