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Molly and Charlie are picked by Tim Page for a Bespoke!

We have been watching the Hack Up stories on facebook for over a year.  When we saw the LOVE compeition Molly insisted we posted this picture of her and her beloved pony, Charlie.  We were thrilled to WIN!  Now Charlie is having a bespoke supplement created in the perfect ratios of active ingrediants, just for him - its amazing that it is going to be handmade the same day.  We are so excited,as we have seen so many people saying how well the bespoke products work.  The prize also included a jacket, but as they are only in adult sizes we are now getting a special hoodie made!  We are not normally the winners, can't wait to get started on the bespoke supplement. Thank you to Tim Page and Alicia, International showjumpers for picking us!

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