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Moonoki - more flexible than ever at 17 on his Bespoke.

Hi Alex, I hope you are well. I thought that you may be interested in an update on how my Ex Racer is doing. He raced until he was 8 abd started retraining at 12, having been returned from various loan homes for a number of reasons. I  was given him in April 2012. Moonoki has been on Hack Up supplements for about 18 months now (I think), and he's just coming up to his 17th birthday. I was originally recommended Hack Up because Moonoki was showing limited movement in his hind limbs and presenting sacroillac problems. It was suggested that I should get him injected, however I wanted to do something less invasive initially. As you can see from this pciture taken last week, he is increasingly moviing from behind, getting stronger and showing great flexibility, power and movement. I regularly recommend Hack Up to those with horses presenting similar problems and results have always been brilliant. Kind regards Ann

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