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Mouse Is Feeling Good And Going Forward With Help From Bespoke

Just a quick update as its been such a long time since my last one! Mouse is doing amazingly well atm. We've been schooling beautifully - Mouse is feeling good and going forward, really enjoying learning and using himself properly and how he should canter is no longer an issue either!!  I always thought he was good at jumping, but wow he has really been enjoying it, flying everything we put in front of him, including jumping random twigs and dips in the ground when out because he decides it must be done. He’s so responsive and a lot calmer on the ground, whereas before using our supplements, he would really stress if a horse left the barn or walked behind him... He has had various children sitting on him, making a fuss of him and laughing at him. We have now attended 2 shows, featuring in Chiltern and Thames magazine, and had our 2nd dressage outing, where despite the weather and a lot going on, he was an angel!!! We have even hacked out on our own!!!!! Something I never ever imagined we would be able to do!!! We even had our first canter in company today since I came off last year, with him leading the way and venturing in front on most hacks now. We have a few things planned for the next couple of months and are hoping to make it to the beach during the summer.  I genuinely believe that without our calming supplements, we wouldn't even be attempting these things - I am really getting my confidence back, and Mouse is loving life.  My handsome ginger pony!!
Eleanor Evans



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