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Mowgli from Sharp thoroughbred to Calm thoroughbred

I've had Mowgli on Hack Up Calming/Digestive bespoke since December 2014 and he was a different horse after 3 weeks of using the supplement. When I got Mowgli he was a point to pointer that had been bought from Ascot sales. He wasn't up to the job that he was bought for, so I decided to give him a go. Well 70% of the time he was a lovely horse that did everything he was asked but the other 30% of the time he was leaping in the air and bucking, cantering sideways and being a sharp, hot thoroughbred that didn't know which way to throw him self next. I couldn't hack alone as we would just prance sideways the whole way. If he hadn't been ridden for a few days I would have to lunge him before getting on or he would scare the life out of me. He was also a nightmare to take out to the field ramming you into the fence, walking out or rearing up at you to have a boxing match. Well this has all changed. I can lead him in and out of the field with other horses without a problem. He's now not unpredictable out riding we can hack alone without any problems and I don't have to lunge before riding any longer. I can go on holiday for 2 weeks come back and get straight back on without any change he's just a laid back lovely boy that is adored by the whole family. Thanks Alex, I never thought my horse would change so much from one supplement.
Stacey Cummings


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