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My 5 Horses Are Going Better Than Ever On Their Bespokes

Thought I would finally get around to sending you through some testimonials for your Facebook and website. We have 5 horses now and all of hack up products. They are going better than ever.

Top dollar Vegas 15.3 coloured ISH. My ex eventer, SJ, dressage, endurance, horse ball you name it he has been wonderful at it. Retired now from everything apart from fun. Photo below was taken last week at the beach. He is 22 years old and on AI joint supplement and is as sound and flexible as the day I bought him 12 years ago.

Silver illusion grey TB eventer and hunter. When we brought Charlie it took two of us to tack him up. The matrix movement would best describe the way we had to avoid the biting and kicking. Since being on calm and digest he has transformed. He is actually the sweetest chap and now a total delight to be around. A typical TB not blessed with the best feet in the world and we struggled to keep shoes on. Again hack up hoof supplement has massively improved hoof quality and his feet are better than ever. At 17 years he is supple and sound, jumps the biggest of hedges out hunting and still flying around BE 100 and intermediate team chase... he is my god!

Dood 16.3 warmblood bright bay. Competing at BE novice and intermediate team chase. 15 years young and on AI joint supplement as a supportive measure.

Fonzy 18h warmblood just started his BE career competed his first 3 BE 90 with epic XC. We struggled to keep weight on him and since going on calm and digest he has blossomed into a striking young man. He is also on AI joint supplement as a supportive measure

Connor 16h TB we brought this little chap two weeks ago. He finished his P2P career at higham at Easter and the aim is to event and hunt. He is on calm and digest to support him through this transition and we will keep you posted on his progress.
Kelly-anne Cole


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