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My best Buddy!!

Here is my story about Buddy.


I bought him in 2010 in Scotland. I think it's a gypsy trotter as he was a pacer. By the time I bought Buddy he already had several owners in a short time. I only know his last owner and the story of the one before her. But I highly doubt that story.

His previous owner could not bond with him  as he is a very proud horse and not a girly horse. I immediately liked him and when I saw several people come and go for Buddy I decided that I would give him a try. He would try to buck me off in the beginning.

I took him with me to the Netherlands where I'm from. He has always been stiff since the beginning. Maybe because of his past, he has a polo passport but that is as far as my information goes. Buddy's body was regularly checked by an osteopath and this helped. 

Buddy was ten when I bought him and we've come a long way. I made a pretty good dressage horse from him and he likes jumping and eventing too. But it took me 4 years to get him to trot and canter normally. When I finally got that far he began to have trouble in his hind legs  I took him to the vet several times but they could not find anything, only weak knees and arthritis in both front  legs. I have a friend who's horse had the same arthritis as my Buddy and she had to put him to sleep. So I thought I had lost him there. But the vet gave him a treatment and we had a very long recovery phase. Buddy was fine after that but his hindleg problems began to come back. This summer he was even lame. It was then that I decided to contact Alex. 

Alex made a bespoke joint supplement for Buddy. I started Buddy on this supplement in the beginning of this summer. My friends and I could see the difference in a matter of days.  After a week he took long gallops in his field and came to greet me. He was getting better mentally and in his body. I gave him time to recover and it made all the difference. Alex saved my all time favourite horse. I was thinking of retiring him until the problems got worse. But thanks to Alex I'm back to riding him. 

Buddy and I have special classic dressage lessons to teach  Buddy how he can strengthen his hind legs. And he is the most amazing horse since.

He still has a bit of stiffness when he comes out of his stable. Sadly he can not be in the field in the winter but he has a paddock. 

We are not there yet but Alex helped me to start a new chapter! 


Ps look at how amazing Buddy looks in the dressage lessons! 


Kind regards,



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