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My eventer is back out competing


Cuddly, my advanced eventer is back on form, thanks to Hack Up Bespoke!!! Written by owner and rider Sarah Gardiner


Last year was a nightmare for Cuddly, he damaged a tendon mid season and our vet suggested 2 months box rest and time in rehabilitation at the spa.  Although the rehabilitation was a success I really feared that his competing days were over. He’s not the sort to be happy retired at 17, so I was devastated.


So after I had decided to give it ago at bringing Cuddly back into work,  I did not hesitate to support him with supplements.

Alex was my first port of call, he’d supported me with advice and supplements for years, and his newer bespoke range, I thought would just do the trick. Alex’s knowledge of ingredients and the ability to match them to the right horse in a specific situation, I know is second to none. So he made me a digestive bespoke supplement that would support the immune system as well as to promote comfort to being our tentative introduction to work, we were very careful at the speed we worked him in his training.  Thankfully I could feel him getting stronger and fitter, happily.  Although I was beginning to feel relieved, at this sage it was still a cautious relief.  So as I knew we were at the point of stepping up the work, it was another call to Alex, he agreed, we needed to change the supplement to support the new demands, we changed the bespoke supplement to a AI / Joint.  Now I am thrilled to report that it WORKED!  I am completely relieved as we are back out competing and Cuddly is happy and healthy and will be on this bespoke product forever.


I currently have 4 horses on Hack Up Bespoke and I recommend them to everyone, there is far more to supplements that a one pot suits all. 

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