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My Mum Loves Hack Up

“Hi there! I’m Fishguard Filly (although my mum calls me Fishy, rather embarrassingly!) I’ve been on HackUp Bespoke for about a year now and my mummy says she’s really noticed a difference in me, apparently I’m not as loopy as I was when she bought me and my legs are a huge improvement (after my racing injury). Recently my mummy ran out of money and had to wait till payday to buy some more Hack Up calmer for me and she said it was one of the most stressful weeks as I turned into a kite apparently... (I was just showing her my impressive hand stands!!) but she wasn’t amused. She bought some more this week and already has noticed the difference in me as I don’t feel the need to show her my handstand anymore. This is a picture of me when I found out she had brought some more home! I love your products and I’m sure a mounting block would help my mummy get on me a lot easier than how she does at the moment. (I like to be cheeky and move my bottom so she has to do circles with me - apparently this is not funny)... anyhow this is me and I think Gillian Colchester Elisabeth Rookyard & Mel G-B might like to enter this. I’m not sure if their ponies are on HackUp but I highly recommend it. 
Lots of love,
Fishguard Filly. Xx”

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