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Nancy Enjoying Being Out In Her Field With Hack Up Bespoke

Hi Alex, thought I would update you on our progress, my 7 year old chestnut mare, Nancy! Nancy had an injury about 7 weeks ago and had to be on box rest for 4 weeks, before I started to turn her out I bought the al/joint supplement (anti inflammtory) she's been on it for about 10 days maybe just over, she's been turned out in a small paddock for a week and she's gone totally beserk, bucking and bronking and galloping about, but still her leg seems to be going strong and walking even better! The other day I turned her out in her big field with sedation and yesterday she was fine. Today was the real test for me as it was the first day she's gone out in her big field (without sedation) and as I suspected she was racing around as soon as I turned her out. Feeling a bit worried I brought her in today after a few hours and her leg is still looking good! Walking on it beautifully, I can only suspect it's the help from your supplement, even trotted to her stable lol!! I did order the comp and calm but can't really tell you if this is working as she's out of work Atmo! But she seems to have dealt with the box rest amazingly whilst being on it. Thanks again and sorry for the essay !! Adele and Nancy x


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