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Naomi Nunn tells her amazing story of Hack Up Bespoke!

I started to use Hack Up in May 2018. I have owned Teddy for nearly 3 years and we had hit a brick wall. I was too scared to get on him and he knew it so took full advantage of this with bucking, spinning and not listening to what I was asking. Being a youngster he needed someone to give him confidence and our relationship just wasn’t working. I had made up my mind that however upsetting it would be he had until the end of the year and I would sell him, as it wasn’t fair on him being a young horse not doing anything and not fair on me and my confidence as it was getting less and less.

I had heard some really good things about Hack Up and what Alex and his team have achieved. I am not going to lie, I was sceptical that just a supplement would be the thing that turned this situation around but all other avenues had been tried and I thought ‘what the heck’! I went onto the Hack Up website and completed the online questionnaire. That morning I got a call from Alex wanting to discuss Teddy and what he felt was best and he added the formulation to my profile.

I picked up my Bespoke calmer supplement that day and started it immediately. Because I had become so scared about riding I gave it a couple of weeks before I got on board and I honestly didn’t think there would be much of a difference. However, when I eventually got on Teddy he didn’t seem as tense as he did before. Normally he would immediately fling his head in the air and you could feel him become stiff and tense. So I kicked him on expecting there to be some kind of buck or running backwards, but nothing! He walked off like a normal horse.

Over the weeks I didn’t put any pressure on ourselves. Lots of walking, big circles, little circles, walking over poles and then one evening I thought ‘sod it I’m going to trot’ and to my surprise he trotted AND cantered without any of the issues I was having before. Our partnership has grown since then and we have even started back doing dressage and although he hasn’t been out to a competition for a long time he took everything in his stride and we both enjoyed the day.

I can’t thank Alex and his team enough for what they do, I know that Teddy and I wouldn’t be where we are without using the Bespoke calmer. What I also love is Teddy hasn’t lost his cheeky Cob attitude, he is still fun but reasonable with it. My confidence is almost back to where it was and guess what, Teddy is staying!!


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