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Nessie transformed.

19yo Nessie came to me 3 years ago on loan. A quirky and talented little horse and a real confidence giver. But, such a stroppy and hormonal mare. As soon as she arrived, she went straight into season and more or less stayed in it for the foreseeable…. With hormones racing she could stress herself out over the smallest thing.

I took her on as I wanted to try hunting and she had done a few seasons with the hunt local to her previous home. A cracking little hunter, always at the front with the big horses, but, getting her ready in a morning was a little challenging.

I'd been looking around on Facebook and came across Hack Up. I read some of the testimonials and I thought, why not? So I contacted Alex and completed the enquiry form on the website for both my mares and he formulated tailor made supplements. I found this bespoke service a massive help, as it took away all pressure of trailing through web stores researching which product would work best . I'd spent hundreds of pounds on supplements and only found they worked in part. The Calming Digestive Bespoke formula transformed her into a chilled and contented mare and we have virtually no issues when she comes into season - PHEW!!

Haylee Gee

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