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Pablo's Detox Bespoke Helps Him Stop Itching

Pablo has been suffering with issues with him constantly itching to the point he couldn't even have a hay net tied up in the stable. We were running out of ideas. We had vets involved spending hundreds of pounds trying to find out why. We changed his bedding, feed, put him on meds, changed his routine of putting out at night and in during the day with the hope it would work. We tried a couple of lotions with the hope it would stop, it helped to start off with but nothing made him stop. 
It got to the point where he had no tail hair at the top. I was getting to the point of giving up hope as nothing would help. I then spoke to a mate who suggested trying Hack Up. This was the best move I made, since being on his Detox Bespoke he has now stopped itching and he is a much happier horse. Couldn't be happier would recommend this company to anyone.Amy Gillick


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