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Pre-formulated Step Free Helps Riders Win!!!

Competition riders are repeatedly telling us that they do better with their horse when they use Step Fee.  In 2014 Jayne Gingell rose to the challenge and tried to replicate it with her own dressage horse, low and behold it worked, continually increasing the dressage % by 2-3%.


Now so many riders are finding the benefit of Step Free especially when used in conjunction with a daily fed bespoke calming or toning type formulation.  The bespoke products are created for the individual horse and percentages of key ingredients  are specific to support the horse based on the information that is given by the rider.

Step Free offers not only calming benefits but also helps to relax the muscles which makes the movements flow more easily.  "Judges are trained to reward horses that flow forwards with a supple, loose and energised way of going to an elastic contact"  said Alex Gingell.  This month Angel has won two of her competitions on 72 % and 69% she is the horse that is used on all the Hack Up labels and adverts as our very own very much loved dressage horse.


We continually trial new ingredients to verify their effects and we are currently excited about new developments in the calming sector for 2017.

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