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Ralph's looking great, feeling great!!

This is Ralph. When we bought Ralph he wasn't in the best condition. Wild, scared of people, and emaciated. With a bit of time and love he turned into a super reliable pony. But something wasn't quite right but I could never put my finger on it. Then one day he came in from the field lame and could barely walk. With vet advice he had 4 weeks of box rest and tummy unsettling pain killer. Which made him really stiff. I was told to get back on and ride to loosen him up which helped but he could never get the correct lead in canter on either rein. Finally we were told about Hack Up and I cannot believe the difference. It's unreal. Now all he wants to do is canter and we are finally going over jumps (which he couldn't do before) he is a different pony now and loves to be ridden. Thank you  Alex Gingell  for all you have done!

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