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Izzy has come back from rehab round 2 really well. After a fall out showjumping he suffered some hock strain so over the last month has had some time off, followed by lots of hacking. This week he came back to work and he is doing really well. His joints are very well supported by his AI joint bespoke and he is moving really well. While we still need to work on more strength over his top line and improve his straightness, for his 3rd schooling session back he is doing really well. His head shaking is now much more manageable with his new headshaking/fly/skin bespoke. After a little tweak and continuing to give Piriton (vet advise) he now schools and hacks comfortably. This year his headshaking has been particularly bad, he got to a point where he was so uncomfortable he was cantering on the spot, fly bucking, throwing his head and front legs all over the place. But now we just have the occasional small head shake and he is obviously much more comfortable! And his skin is so healthy! Thank you guys!
Fizzy Sparks

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