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Refined for improved calmness!

I used to have my mare on the calmer supplement that we got when we first joined Hack up and found that although after the loading dose, she was still quite fizzy and very tight, we tried everything alongside the supplement, lunging before riding, giving her StepFree just before I got on and also on days leading up to riding and nothing worked, so I went back to Alex and Jayne and asked them if there was anything they could do using the very easy and simple, new refine button! The difference in how she is on the refined supplement is incredible!! In the top picture she was very tight and heavy on my hand and spooked at everything and in the bottom picture she was willing to work without being fizzy, looser in herself and easier to handle!! She's definitely not your typical tb horse anymore!! Refining her product has been the best thing for her!! Thank you!! Laura Evans.

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