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Reggie Is A Much Happier Boy On Hackup

I previously used another foot supplement for my horse Reggie with some effect. I asked Hack Up to formulate a bespoke for him to include a joint and digestive supplement along with a hoof supplement. My fairer noticed a difference in new horn growth within a month and a half of being on hack up and his hooves have continued to improve drastically with being on the formula. 
He used to have to have pain relief after each farrier visit because he became very footy afterwards but he now no longer need the pain relief due to the great improvement with his feet. I also used to struggle to keep weight on him over winter and he had to be stabled overnight for the majority of the winter. This year he has wintered out on his Hack Up supplement and kept very good weight, making things a lot better for both me and him. Due to poor conformation he has problems with his knees. His mobility has been greatly increased with Hack Up Bespoke and he is a much happier boy. 
Along with all these factors, a major plus point is the cost of the supplement and that one covers all his needs. Comparing costs with what I was paying before for ONLY a hoof supplement, Hack Up Bespoke costs less than half the amount and includes everything I need in one place! Having spoken to them on the phone, they are always willing to listen and help out in anyway they can. Delivery is always fantastic and prompt! Couldn't recommended Hack Up Bespoke more!
Debbie Syratt


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