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Relaxed Hacking on my TB

Noush is a 15.2hh 9 year old thoroughbred mare. She retired from racing at 4 and I got her as a very green 7yr old. As a thoroughbred Noush can be quite sharp and also has days when she’s very spooky although she does not need ridden every day and is still quite manageable. We tried the bespoke supplements last summer when I was still getting to know her and to help her tummy out after recommendations from various ex-racehorse groups on Facebook.
She had been having really runny green poo all summer and I was after something that would help to balance that. She had also moved from Jersey to Cambridge in January and then came to me in the April after a 5 hour drive in the horsebox. After a month together we then moved yards and I felt this was all a bit stressful for her. She was cribbing after a feed and displaying signs of girthiness and spooked A LOT but temperament wise has a heart of gold and has always been very easy to handle on the ground.
I didn’t really feel that the supplement made much difference in terms of ‘calming’ when ridden but I know one of the ingredients was magnesium and I had already tried her on calm and condition and that hadn’t made any difference either which leads me to think she may not be deficient in magnesium. I moved her onto a cool balancer and she seems to be doing really well on this.
She’s a lot more relaxed when hacking now and I have done a lot of groundwork with her to desensitize her to things and to create a good bond between us and she now trusts me a lot more than this time last year when I started using the supplements. However in the school she is still very much on her toes, looks for things to spook and really can’t focus on anything so I’ve just ordered the ‘step free calmer’ again after recommendation on Facebook.
I will be happy to give you feedback on this too after I have tried it. I’m looking to use it daily with her as I am upping her time in the school and you seem to have a lot of positive results with it!

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