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Retrained Racehorse to dressage

Hi Alex, I just thought I would drop you a line to say what an improvement in my lovely boy.  Since speaking to you about his current supplements and following your advice my 10 year old ex racer is coming on leaps and bounds.  He looks healthy and has just been given the perfect body score of 5 weighing in at 596kg, 16.2hh.  He has always been the perfect gentleman in and around the stable but, we were having some training issues when trying to collect him, having started work with a new trainer, he was argumentative and stroppy and really did not want to work on the contact in any way shape or form.  Since tweaking his supplements and using the Step Free as a 'training aid' he has been much more willing in his work and actually seems to be enjoying it.  Gwyneth Lewis my trainer said to him only this week that he was losing his reputation for being grumpy LOL.  My only challenge really now is getting him hacking again.  He was perfectly well behaved out hacking until a man jumped out of some bushes at him when we were out.....needless to say he spun on a sixpence and was off home alone, he has not been the same since.  I have tried my hardest to conquer this but after being put through an electric fence face first and taking the fence post out with my chin, I stopped hacking.  I now know that my fear is holding us back.  It sounds crazy but I can take him anywhere, just me and him in the trailer to our riding club competitions and dressage competitions.  He loads and travels perfectly and I have no hesitation at all.... but get him in open fields and I think he reverts back to his very stressful racing days and my nerves can't cope.  I am a much better rider than I was 2 years ago, which was the last time I hacked (which is sad) and I will at some point try again.

Your supplements have helped tremendously we are now back to the maintenance dose and things are going well.  We had our first jumping lesson on Sunday, we both thoroughly enjoyed it, both being very novice jumpers I thought we did really well.  Trippi loved it.

I have a happy healthy boy and I am delighted with his progress.  I have just ordered my 3rd batch of supplements which arrived today.  The vet came last night to give him his flu jab and commented immediately 'what a beautiful looking horse'.

I have attached some pictures for you......the first one is Trippi 2 years ago in the field....the second one is him just a couple of months ago....what a huge difference...there's a picture of him in his racing days a picture of us at Dressasge......and the final picture is of our first jumping lesson on Sunday...thoroughly enjoying himself without the stress (and this was without the step free).  I REALLY hope one day I can send you a picture of us out on a hack

Thank you for all of your help, it is very reassuring to know that you are just on the other end of the phone or email to offer help and advice, that actually makes a difference.

Just brilliant

Kindest regards

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