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Rolo is great for the first time EVER!

After being out of the ‘horsey loop’ for a few years I knew I wanted to find a new horse that would hold my leg (being 6ft) who I could enjoy and take out to compete locally and have fun with. I found rolo a 16.3 Irish sport horse, 5 year old at the time 4 years ago up for sale with a bit of a questionable background, which is still very unclear! What did become clear is he was a bit of a handful who took a strong liking to depositing me onto the ground every time I rode him (admittedly over Horsed myself with the work it quickly became clear he needed) Perseverance and a sticky bum has got us where we are today and I truly wish I knew about hack up a long time ago! Up until now rolo has competed in showjumping, dressage and ODE’s but he is always a very tense, anxious boy when out of his comfort zone of our school at home. I've always been that girl who’s put herself last into the class so I could warm up in a quieter environment or the clear round ring to avoid him blowing up and spending the time broncing at the fact others were riding around us! Even at home hacking he is very ‘backwards’ thinking, extremely spooky where he spooks out of no where at absolutely nothing, spins and bolts leaving me on the floor most of the time. The trouble I’ve found with Rolo is that he isn’t a horse with one ‘talent’ if stopping dead doesn’t work, he rears, if rearing doesn’t work he will bronc and if that doesn’t work he reverses at 100 mph. I’ve never wanted to give up on him, but it’s certainly been a tough, grit your teeth few years. We had overcome many of these behaviours and I really felt we were getting somewhere until recently when all the behaviours came flooding back quite extremely. I knew I had to do something for myself and him as we were both so tense, which wasn't going to get us very far. I’ve never been a believer in supplements and have been extremely sceptical. However being at the end of my tether I knew I had to give something a go, and Hack Up have been absolutely fab with the communication and support they’ve given me. Within a week I had my supplement and Rolo and I had begun our ‘Hack Up journey’ and oh my I will not be looking back and why didn’t I give it a go years ago! Within days he was chilling out and working so beautifully, I took Rolo showjumping within the first week of being on the supplement not expecting much at all; especially when the night before I decided to fully clip the poor boy from head to toe- the lot, he’s rather bare! In the strong winds and rain he warmed up so chilled and went in to complete his course with one silly rider error (was I in shock with how beautifully he was going round? Probably yes.) he came third! To us this is a huge mile stone, as we never place and it certainly wasn’t a case of only being three in the class. Thank you so much, and I can not wait to see what our eventing season next year holds for us🤞🏽

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