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Sam Arthur-Magennis continuosly getting fabulous eventing results all over the UK!!

This seriously talented individual relies on Hack Up Bespoke to help her achieve her goals.

Sam is an Equine Physio Therapist, livery yard owner and Level 3 Coach based in Cumbria. She is also an event rider.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have some fantastic horses and ponies over the years, with whom I’ve represented team GB at the Pony European Eventing Championships, and competed to CIC3* level. I also semi-accidentally (on a SMALL scale) got into breeding.”

Sam became involved with Hack Up Bespoke when her 2* horse Jazz, (Sam's first homebred) started seasonal changes. He initially started on a combined Calm / Seasonal Bespoke supplement, alongside Liquid Air. Following further veterinary investigations this was refined and eventually split into two separate bespoke supplements (Calm / Digest Detox and Fly / Pollen) and Sam has managed his seasonal changes without the use of veterinary prescribed products for the last 2 years. It is a great feeling for Sam to know that she is able to train and compete within eventing guidelines and manage his symptoms all year round.

He also has a tendency to get a bit feisty at an event, especially in the dressage. The StepFree has been a handy back up for when he’s feeling a bit too good to be doing the boring circling bit! His dressage results have improved no end the last two years, both BD and BE, and whilst he can still have his mental moments, fingers crossed Sam has capped his energy and is allowing him to put that into producing an energetic and connected test, rather than throwing in flying changes and bucks!

Many of the horses on Sam’s yard are on one or more supplements for a variety of reasons, whether that be a bespoke supplement for maintenance of an existing condition, or using Liquid Caalm/Step Free for stressy travellers. Sam was one of the first customers to use the Buy & Book facility and has at least 3 of her horse getting fresh deliveries of an AI / Joint / mobility formula to maximize suppleness and comfort. Eventing does put wear and tear on the joints and keeping them as clean as possible is of paramount importance.

Living in Cumbria Sam hasn’t as yet made the trip to Hack Up Bespoke HQ, though hopefully Sam will get to meet Alex very soon and run a clinic/training day up at hers, so watch this space!!!

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