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Samantha Dean is over the moon with her Hack Up Bespoke.

Hi Alex. I would like to tell everyone how much my bespoke HACK UP Supplement has helped me and my girl Skittles. In the late of summer I noticed when it was windy or raining she would stand with her head down on the floor and was always trying to keep her left nostril covered.  When the wind or rain was about it would trigger it and I would try to lift her head to put her headcollar on and she would thrash about dangerously and to the point of falling over. I was given very few options. I then got in touch with the HACK UP team and her bespoke product arrived.  I started to notice some changes, then today she was out in the field all day in the wind and rain and to my amazement she was happy munching away. I was even able to catch her and bring her in safely without getting myself hurt by her. I can not thank Alex and all the team for helping my horse as much as they have. Thanks again.

Sam and Skittles

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