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Samantha Hargreaves shows off her two men!

Hi Alex
Here are my boys! The chestnut beings old boy (20) and the grey (9) the chestnut was seen by the vet who recommended we only worked him if he was given a tummy unsettling pain killer. I was not so keen so I started looking for other options! This is when I discovered Hack up! He is now more comfortable and in work with no tummy unsettling pain killer! He has had injections but was still luncomfortable with the tummy unsettling pain killer. Since giving your supplements I really think this has played a big part in him managing without the tummy unsettling pain killer. So thank you!!
The grey suffers from a sensitive digestive system and his feet crack easily. I have been really impressed with the supplement you recommend even the farrier commented on the improvement with his feet. For a while the excess water after he did a dropping really improved, not cleared but improved. This was when he was on hay.
Thanks for all your help
Samantha Hargreaves


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