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Sarah Prentice gets her Annaliesa back on form with a Joint Bespoke

So I've had my 17 year old mare on an Joint  bespoke supplement for nearly 2 weeks now and there has been a huge difference in her. After having a very hard and abusive life previously, my mare over the years has been suffering from old injuries in her back and legs.  Well after being on it for only  a couple of days she began to look more relaxed and happy in herself, after a week she was more comfortable  and seems looser throughout.  Then  I rode her for the first time since last year. Now after nearly 2 weeks I am thrilled with her progress. I have also had my 4 1/2 year old on B+ for nearly 2 weeks and I have noticed a big change in his schooling, he is a lot more willing to work and doesn't argue all the time and get bored or tired within 10 minutes. And I don't know if it's a coincidence but I have struggled all year getting the right leg lead in canter on the left rein but since being on this he has got it right first time, every time. He also  seems far more chilled within himself.   Thank you for coming up with these fantastic bespoke supplements! X

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