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Sarah Zoryk feels calmness and improved mobility, at last.

I started my horse on Hack Up calmer as she was quite spooky and very sharp. Within a week of being on the calmer I noticed a big difference in my horse, she was far less spooky but still had her spark and was still forward. Being a competition horse this was important to me.
I stopped her Hack Up for a few months as she was out of work. She has been back in work 2.5 months and getting fit again. She is getting really spooky and sharp again and after hitting the deck yesterday I got a sharp reminder as to why I put her on it in the first place. She will never be off the Hack Up calmer again. I have been so impressed with the results on my horse I have just entered all my dogs details to get a bespoke product for him after being diagnosed with moderate stiffness in his elbow.

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