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Scarlett Took Her First Clinic In Her Stride Whilst On Hack Up Bespoke

Hi thank you for getting in touch. I have been giving my mare Scarlett her Hack Up for a while now and it has helped her in so many ways! I started her on it just after I moved to a new yard, just under a year ago, as Scarlett was so stressed at the previous yard. She was so under weight and lacking In condition so thought I'd give it a try. Recently the owners of my new yard now can't believe the difference in her in just under a year! She is a completely different horse in attitude and appearance. The calming has helped her relax and I'm now able to school her, which was almost impossible before (she used to buck, rear and bolt). She was so bad that I had the vet check her, they sent her to hospital as thought it could be a problem with her sight, brain/sinus problem or ulcers but everything came back clear! I've even taken her out to her first clinic and she took it all in her stride. Her condition is amazing and this is the first winter she hasn't dropped any weight. Her hooves are so much better ... so much so that she is now bare foot on the backs which was impossible before due to an old crack which has healed itself up! Over all I believe your product has helped me get the mare I always wanted. I knew this mare had a lot of potential when I got her as a 4yr old (now rising 😎 but at times I felt like giving up with her as her behaviour was so unpredictable and she was so unhappy. But now we together can reach our full potential 😊 Jaymie Wicker

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