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Shad winning and not 'locking' any more!!

So often have I read these case studies and thought "yeah yeah yeah" here I am now writing one!!
I own a 7 year old Shire x Anglo Arab who I have had from 7 months old. At the age of 2 he started locking his hind legs, not nice to see but never appeared to be in any pain and once unlocked he was fine, I obviously had the vet out who said he would grow out of this condition also correct work and exercises would help.
I backed him at 4 and have been battling on and off for 3 years with what is mild locking patellas, vet advised anti inflammatory when bad and ride him away. This condition seemed to worsen on long distance travelling and standing in while away at competitions, so it's been a worry. Sometimes it was noticed he would be a little stiff behind so a recent vet visit the conclusion was to scan his stifles and maybe consider some new injection to help sort this problem out. To cut the patella sheath can lead to arthritis in later life.
Obviously competing Shad at higher level dressage I had the added worry of what he was allowed to take as had to be legal substances.
On qualifying this year for British Dressage National Championships at Stoneleigh I wanted to find a supplement to conform. I was recommended to try Alex at Hack Up Bespoke after a friend had also had some fantastic results.
I messaged Alex at 8am the morning I left for Stonleigh we chatted live on his web site told him all my concerns and worries. Having considered the specifics carefully he recommended an  AI / Joint Bespoke combination for Shad, naturatally with  all FEI approved ingredients. What a service! Shad had his first scoops  that very evening as Alex delivered it to me at the Nationals!!

We have had a very busy summer this year competing at The Winter and Summer Regionals, The Nationals, Home Internationals, Senior Inter Regionals, Pet Plan Area Festival. We also qualified my team The Shropshire Stars through to the national championships for later this year  at Team Quest.

I am now 4 weeks into his AI / Joint Bespoke and this mild locking has slowly disappeared before my eyes, I keep thinking after this busy weekend he will lock tomorrow, tomorrow comes..... Nothing so ok he will lock the day after, the day after comes and nothing!!!! And on this goes. I am absolutely overwhelmed this has stopped.  It's a non  surgical, non  evasive,  very affordable and all substances we are allowed to compete on!!
I am so excited about Alex's confidence with this issue I have decided to try my other horse on his recommendations with his reluctance to go forward and he has gone grumpy, after having mild ulcers diagnosed and very expensive treatment for this!!  I await arrival of his Hack Up Supplement and hopefully there is another long story to tell!!
Alex at Hack up I can't thank you  enough!! Sure Shad would do the same too of he could!!! I will now be recommending you to ALL my horsey friends!!!  A1 service Thank you xx

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