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Shrek and Bespoke share a common belief - everyone is an individual

Shrek won a Hack Up Bespoke mounting block in a competition earlier this year for making such a huge effort and impact with her fancy dress! Her horse is an ex racehorse who just loves attention however he gets it.  He is in fact an incredible International horse ball star. Clare Balding ROR parton had him in her top three this September at the Heart Awards, but we have him as our winner!

“If anyone was to look at Sam physically he would not be doing what he is doing today – he is the wrong shape, wrong confirmation, wrong size, got too many wear and tear issues, but no one will ever take his gallop away – Horse ball gives him solid surfaces and boundaries to just gallop for fun. He just LOVES it. If he is in the field he just runs and runs, reminding me of Forest Gump. He also loves our donkey ---- who is always great fun and a wonderful companion. I am beginning  to think I have a yard of Disney Characters! After dressing up and winning Hack Up Bespoke I have been called Mrs Shrek on a number of occasions, which is slightly worrying!! Said Sarah Hudgens.

I have a team of veterinary physiotherapist, a great farrier and vets who keep him at his International level.  Letting him take part in first division horse ball without me was tough, but I am a second division rider and so I felt I had to give his ride away for him, not me.  Thankfully he came home happy and safe. As I am managaing him at this level I wrap a team of profesionals around him and right in the middle of that team is the knowledgeable folk at Hack Up Bespoke. They listen and learn all about him. He is a star, I know we all adore our horses, but for me, I feel that the more capable they are, the more responsibility they put on us – Bespoke gives us anatural, competition safe, palatable supplement that we can change every month to accommodate his changing role/ demands is AMAZING, as he is also a really fussy feeder and never turns his nose up at his supplements.

Thanks team Hack Up Bespoke - we LOVE you guys!

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