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Silver Feeling better now he is back on his 'Tummy Tonic'

Hi Alex

Lovely to hear from you.

Things have been fairly quiet at our end. I slipped a disc in Feb catching the horsebox ramp so haven't been out.

Twiggy horse retired to a friends yard in Feb and thank goodness we have moved Silver off livery to there too and we manage between the family to do them.

I stupidly left Silver without his "tummy tonic" as I call it for a week or so and my goodness me what a change in him - he went really bloated and sloppy in his work but thankfully now he is back on it and things are looking better - I would never have believed it and won't let that happen again! We have our first BD comp on Saturday at Aintree - Elementary as I can't do sitting trot yet and then we are doing the Area Festival which we got our scores for before I went twang, in October. Let's hope the jockey stays sound!

We bought Buster In July off the same person we got Silver & Twig from and he is a very different KWPN to Silver. Silver could be mistaken for an Irish horse whereas Buster deffo has more blood. He is very green and such a poppet 99% of the time so I just needed something to help when he has his 1% issue. Hubby has been riding him and I don't want either of them to lose the confidence they are building in each other when it could be managed (which is why I chose the Step Free liquid). I will keep you posted on his progress.

I haven't got any before or after pics I'm afraid but have attached one of Buster (bay) 3 weeks before we got him and he is certainly filling out nice and slowly and one of Silver.

Thank you for taking the time to drop me a line!

Keren Keenan


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