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Skye moving better than ever!

So after a good start to our competition year my mare has had a few issues in the middle. One of these was that I felt she was feeling her joints a bit. After a lameness work up from the vet (which she passed) I was told there was possible boney changes in her left hock.
So I got in touch with Alex Gingell to get a bespoke supplement sorted out for her to help her joints remain free and supple and something to help her with her Winter Coat change because she felt a bit 'flat.
After 2 months of being on the new supplement, linseed oil and a saddle change it is safe to say that Skye is moving better than ever and her coat looks fantastic.
This is a photo of us at the Allen and Page BD Veteran Championships.
Massive thanks to you Alex and the Hack Up Team. Xx
Emma Jones

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