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Squirrel is now 29yo and won a class last week!! What more can you ask for??

Louise Bubb, David Lawson and Alex Gingell were all equine students at Moreton Morrell in 1992, they are all married and have 11 kids and 8 ponies between them. With Louise living in West Sussex and David In Aberdeenshire there’s 570 miles between them yet, as good ponies are hard to come by, Galaxy (once Louise’s) has ended up with David’s eldest boy Findlay and Austin (once David’s) ended up at Louise’s. They are all on Hack Up Bespoke wherever they are living and they are all healthy mobile and winning into their old age.

"It's great that the bespoke idea that I had a few years ago is now helping old friends and their ponies. Keeping older horses and ponies happy in their later years whether still competing, in semi-retirement or retirement makes up for an awful lot of the equine population in the UK.  I now have two 23 year olds at home and they are as spritely and healthy as  many 12 year olds." says Alex Gingell

"Ponies are such a big part of our family life and we have so much fun with them, they really are part of the family. Both David and I wouldn’t ever entertain using anything other than Hack Up Bespoke to keep the ponies winning. Alex takes each pony’s situation individually and weights the suitable ingredients in an ideal ratio to get the desired effect. Over the last 2 years we have used many different formulas for joints, circulation and calming when the ponies swap homes between here and Aberdeenshire, we ensure to keep them on the same formula. David is a regular competitor himself and I know he has used the StepFree Calmer and the B+ on his mare Sitesse, with great effects. Once he had felt the difference they made, David insisted I tried them.  With no fillers, preservatives or colourings the bespoke supplements make so much sense.  Many people think that as they are bespoke they are more expensive, well the opposite is true as my bill has been halved from the cost of retail branded products, for certain.” Louise Bubb

David Lawson has being a wonderful ambassador for Hack Up Bespoke in Scotland and has created a huge following.  This year Hack Up Bespoke will again be sponsoring classes at The Cabin Equestrian Centre to continue their support and extend their thanks to the hundreds of Scottish customers.


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