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Step Free keeping Tango relaxed out hacking

Would like to say how I wouldn't have got through winter without my bottle of step free. Tango used to have a melt down when a pigeon flapped up from the floor and I'd always have my heart in my mount when I saw one, hanging on waiting for a spook/spin/squeal/leap usually a combination of them all! We have a particular path as well that he would feel nervous to walk down, one we have to walk down as its the way out the yard, mainly because the squirrels would run along the fence line and there were people in the gardens going about their business. This really has taken the edge off. I usually feed it to him in his breakfast and make sure he has at least 30mins to make sure its taken an effect but weekend just gone I gave it to him tacked up and went out. A little bit edgy to start with but 10mins went passed and we both breathed a sigh of relief as he relaxed. I don't feed it everyday just as and when and now I wouldn't be without it

Charlotte Bruton


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