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I just wanted to email you to let you know how impressed I am with Step Free, the horse calmer. My horse, Nimo, gets very worked up at shows, which results in the two of us being so stressed that it becomes a chore not a pleasure to compete. I was so fed up, that I decided it might be best to sell him. Trying the horse calmer was a last resort for me, and to be honest I was extremely sceptical. However I did and for me our big test was Hickstead and the results speak for themselves, we won!  I gave him a shot to travel, then again 3 hours later, just before I got on, and he felt calm and totally chilled, and what’s more he jumped beautifully. I am still in shock. I just want to thank you for recommending it to me, and to let you know I will definitely be purchasing more, and keeping my horse. Thank you so much.

Lisa White, Dressage Rider

It has proven very effective in helping horses that hold tension in their backs. Once the horses are less tight and holding, they feel more flexible and allow the riders in, so they can be more effective. I have found it very helpful in breaking the cycle of tension and tightness in some horses.

Gary Moore, Racehorse Trainer

I buy it in 10 litre barrels and recommend it to anyone.

Claire Fielding, Eventing

My mare has shown signs of stress more often than not in the past at competitions and as she moves so well and always tries to please I thought it was well worth trying StepFree. To my surprise she has been 100% since and now that StepFree is part of her daily routine I’ve noticed how relaxed and happy she is whether travelling, schooling or competing.

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