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Stinky Binky - Major Attitude Adjustment on his Bespoke.

Hi, Stinky Binky update. After completing the loading phase of the calm/detox/digest, Binky has had a major attitude readjustment. The excitement of heading out to spring grass has resulted in him tripping the light fandango and doing the Four Hoof Flip Dance. Yesterday, he was back to being a dope on a rope. Whooppeeee! Riding in the morning has always been hit and miss with the crazy levels.  This morning - just after getting mounted - he decided he didn't want to back up to avoid the mounting block (one of those big plastic numbers). Instead, he went through the block, knocking it flying. I expected a complete flip out, but would rate it as a 3 on the scale of 1-Binky (which goes to about 25). I can only attribute the changes to the Hack Up formula.

Andra Dobson

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