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Sups Recovering Well and Relaxed on Box Rest Thanks To Bespokes

Good morning Alex, I just thought I would drop you a quick line and say another big thank you to you and your amazing team. I contacted you about a month ago when my mare Sups had come home from having surgery on her chipped and infected pedal bone. Sups is an ex racer and can get quite stressed if she has to be kept in for long periods of time. While away at the vet hospital she had stopped eating and become very worried about everything. I contacted you because I was concerned about her loss of condition while she was away and also for help boosting hoof growth and helping her recover faster. You and your team came up with an immune/hoof bespoke for her and advised me to up her calmer back to the loading dose. Both of these have worked a treat! Her hoof is recovering day by day and there is now sole growth over more than 50% of the operation site. She has put condition on by the day and I am struggling to get enough food into her to keep up with her demand! She has gone from not touching a hay net all day when she first came home to polishing off 2 huge ones! The calmer increase has helped and although we still have box walking when her friends go out in the morning she quickly settles again now. Can't thank you all enough! Jenni Evans and Sups x

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