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Susan Saward tells all her friends and pupils about Hack Up Bespoke.

I have been using Hack Up bespoke joint supplement for my little dressage horse Gucci for a few years now. She has severe arthritis in both hocks.  The vets did not know if she would continue her dressage career, as she was so severe and was finding the higher levels too difficult. Since using the Hack Up bespoke joint supplement, made especially for Gucci, she is back in full work and feeling better than ever. We have recently been having more lessons and our scores have improved, as she finds the movements easier again.  Dolcie, my little grey, is on the calmer to keep her focused at competitions and lessons, as its all new to her and she is doing well on it too. 

Over the last 2 years I have recommended Alex's products to lots of my friends and pupils with some fabulous results. I know they are still using them as they are wearing Hack Up jackets and they rave about how their horses are going. So now I'm in Hack Up's 'Over 40's Club' where there is about 10 of us who have recommended over 40 people to Hack Up and have become customers, I'll be in the over 100's Club soon!

Susan Saward

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