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Tanya gets Blaze back on track!

Dear Alex,


I wanted to get in touch to thank you for Blaze's Calming/Digestive/Growth product. It has really made a big difference to our relationship, and I wanted to express my gratitude for this.


I started feeding the supplement to her in the autumn, as her behaviour was becoming a problem, and as the winter was approaching, I did not want her to lose too much condition.

As she was only 3 years old, I could forgive a lot of her naughty behaviour as I put it down to her simply being baby-ish.

However; her tantrums were becoming more fierce and I was beginning to worry that I would not be able to handle her as she continued to grow in size and attitude.

The main issue being that when she did not want to do something, she would strike out. With her being 1/4 shire she has very large feet, and as she is shod on the front, her striking out was very frightening and dangerous.

The main incidents where this was happening was when trying to load her, and trying to ride/lead her past certain things.


As the winter wore on, I noticed a change in her attitude as the supplement took effect. She was progressing with her loading, and becoming quieter on hacks. Although there were still certain things which she would refuse to do entirely.

- she would not be ridden or lead past a large puddle in particular at the bottom of a lane near to the farm

-she would not be ridden or lead down any slope (going up, no problem. Going down HUGE problem)

-she has a fear of boulders/rocks, and would give them as wide a berth as possible, even if that meant crossing a ditch sideways!


Despite working with her constantly to overcome her problems, we didn't seem to be making any progress.

With the loading yes, with the hacks no.

Her loading eventually got to the point at which she would (after dawdling on the ramp for 10-15 minutes) eventually go in and stand on the box.

But her problem with puddles and boulders/rocks did not seem to be improving.

We got to a point at which I was seriously doubting our future together.

I then ran out of the supplement, and did not order another batch as I had been recommended another one to try.

At this point Blaze's behaviour deteriorated massively. She went back to not loading, and started to become quite dangerous to hack on the roads. Despite the fact that she is not afraid of traffic, her fear of boulders meant that it was often unsafe to take her along certain routes, for fear of her shying into the path of oncoming vehicles, meaning our hacking choices dwindled massively.

Our relationship deteriorated so much so, that I did not want to spend time with her any more and was beginning to lose hope altogether.

After going over and over why she seemed to be going backwards rather than forwards with her behaviour, I finally realised what had changed. Her supplement!

As soon as this lightening bolt hit me I ordered more of her bespoke product immediately.

Well, it was as if she had had a complete personality transplant! After being back on the product for only one week we ventured out on a hack. I chose a country lane that I knew was lined with rocks and boulders. I also chose this route due to the fact that there was a slope between two fields that I knew we would have to go down. AND on our return journey to the farm we had to go past THE puddle.

I could not believe my luck when she tootled past the rocks and boulders with nothing more than a slight spook.

I was even more impressed with the way that she tackled the slope. After looking at it for a few seconds, she plodded down it as if it wasn't there. The puddle did not even seem to register within her field of vision, and she walked past it without even a hint of hesitation.

To top off this near perfect day, she was in the box within 30 seconds! She then even seemed to want to stay in it!

I am so pleased with this turnaround that I just had to let you know how thankful I am to you and your product.

Here's to a hopeful and exciting future together for me and Blaze!

Thank you so much. Tanya x

I believe that this wonderful transformation is mainly down to starting her up again on her bespoke supplement.


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