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Teasel's Calm/Digest/Detox Bespoke Wins The Day

Hi Alex,

I would like to endorse what a fantastic product your Calm/Digest/Detox is.

My daughter moved her mare, Teasel, to a new yard last year. She has moved yards before, but this move, for some reason really upset her. Where she was usually content to be on her own in a field or stable, she developed severe separation anxiety issues and was almost a danger to hack out, at one point she was spinning, rearing and bucking out on the road. It got to the stage where I had to actually lead my daughter out on a ride (I was on foot) she would spin around without warning even with a hacking buddy, we really were at our wits end. The whole thing was distressing both for her and for us, to behave in this way was so out of character, we knew we had to do something (and quick!) to help settle her into her new home.

That was when we decided to try the Calm/Digest/Detox. Within days, Teasel's anxiety eased and she would stand happily in the stable without attempting to barge out, she still spun occasionally out hacking but not as badly as before.

We are now about ten months in and we don't know what we would have done without the Hack-up supplement! For one reason and another we hadn't ridden for nearly 5 months. Last weekend we went out on a hack, we can't say we weren't a bit apprehensive about how Teasel would react! She stunned us both, she was absolutely fantastic! We have no doubt whatsoever that this is down to the Calm/Digest/Detox.

Another change we noticed was her 'mareishness'. Teasel was always very 'mareish' but since being on the supplement that has all but disappeared and her field companion is my gelding! We had no issues even throughout the summer months.

I thought you would like to see this picture of Teasel happily hacking out (in front!) when we rode out last weekend. We are so happy! Thank you so much Alex, We cannot recommend Hack-up highly enough. Within days, it improved Teasel's behaviour during a very stressful time. We most definitely would never be without it!

Janette Daniel


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