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Thank you Alex for giving me back my old Shadow!

Shadow is my nearly 25 year old TB gelding who I have had for 14 years.  He is my total pride and joy, so it's only right that at his age he has the best.  I truly believe that he now is – a bespoke supplement from Hack Up Bespoke.

Shadow has always been fit and well and is still out competing at local low level show jumping and hunter trials which he loves. However, I noticed last winter Shadow was starting to look although it was getting a little difficult getting up from a roll in the field. He has always been a difficult horse to catch and would always run around me in a 20m circle just far enough away not to be caught with his head in the air prancing about, but this also ceased, he was letting me go straight up to him in the field and catch him.  Although it made my life easier, I did begin to wonder if he was feeling achy and stiff.  Also when I was hacking he was still happy but wasn’t as eager as he was before.  He was on a standard joint supplement but I was feeling that all wasn't well, so I called Alex Gingell at Hack Up and he created a supplement especially for my special old man.   Alex created the formulation and I researched his findings and decided that what he suggested was exactly what I wanted to try to get Shadow back to his old self.  Within the week Shadow was  back to being a horror to catch, which after years of driving me mad, I was now thrilled to see!  After a roll he was back to jumping up on his feet and certainly not struggling. Ridden wise he has got his sparkle back and is back to galloping off with me on stubble fields, enjoying his schooling and loving his jumping, since being on Hack up he looks much looser in his back end, feels amazing to ride and is just back to his usual happy self.

Shadow has now been on Hack up for just over 2 months and is showing no signs of being stiff or sore anymore and no one ever believes he is almost 25.

Thank you Alex for making Shadow feel great again.

Carla Taylor


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