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Thank You For Helping My Big Brother!!

Hi, my name is Dodge (I'm the little guy) and this is me with my big brother Remi (well that's what he says his name is....mum generally refers to him as the nutjob). I don't use hack up myself - mum says I cost her enough considering I'm only supposed to be a companion pony (probably not helped that my favourite hobby is escaping into the garden, eating lots of yummy grass off the lawn, and then leaving her with a big vets bill when I can't walk the next day). However, I do think hack up is amazing - Remi has been using it for over a year now and it's helped calm him down a lot, which has made my life much more peaceful too. I don't run the risk of getting caught up in one of his mad moments as often now (my little legs don't move as quick as his!), and he seems to have lost interest in playing chase the Shetland quite as regularly as he used to. Mum says he's much more sensible to ride too which has got to be a good thing - I keep telling him that if he breaks mum then who is going to feed us? Anyway, this possibly isn't as brief as it should be, but I'm sure mum would love a mounting block so she doesn't have to keep scrambling onto the nutjob as he trots off down the field (although secretly I do find it rather amusing to watch). Hopefully my friends Rachael Bryce, Ami Vee-Dub Clarke and Katie Faiers might like to enter this too.
Thanks for reading. 
Love Dodge"
Jenny Wellham

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