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Tom and Ron, both 20yo, now going on 4yo!!

Hi Alex, Jude wanted to update you on our two boys following their first couple of months on the bespoke joint and digestion supplements that you created for us. Ron (pictured) is ID x and Tom is Welsh x Hanoverian, they are both 20 going on 4! Since being on the supplements they both feel amazing. Tom has a history of wear and tear, and this winter he's hunted with out needing any tummy unsettling pain killer to keep him comfortable and his spring has returned! Ron is about as sound as they come but his gait is typical of his type (he stamps rather than floats!), but he's discovered his extended trot since being on the supplements. Ron is also a bit prone to loose guts when hunting and then looking a bit tucked up.He also usually gets grumpy about his girth being done up. This has improved massively with the digestion supplement and he looks great as you can see! The other thing to say is that Tom can usually detect anything in his feed that's good for him and promptly refuses to eat it, but he can't get enough of his dinner with these in it! Thanks for your suppor. We'll keep on spreading the word because I can't believe how good they feel for a couple of old horses, and I'm usually so skeptical of these things!

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